• RINGX Platform

    One Mileage for All Points!
    All Contents for One Mileage!

    RINGX Platform Solution

    Our goal is to create an innovative platform to integrate mileages into blockchain technology and purchase and consume high-quality content.

    RINGX Platform Benefit

    Provides various benefits to mileage providers, mileage customers, and content providers.


    RINGX PLATFORM PROVIDEDS GLOBAL INTEGRATED MILEAGE BASED ON THE BLOCK-CHAIN TECHNOLOGY FOR THE DIGIRAL CONTENTS. Our vision is to build new eco-system of the mileage business with the integrated mileage in RINGX Platform that makes new connection between mileage providers and contents providers with the block-chain technology to provide real usages of integrated mileage

  • RINGX Platform

    RINGX Platform is a digital content platform with integrated mileages based on blockchain technology.

    Investment Strategy

    Purchase StrategyRINGX Platform will promote to help the purchaser with various strategies such as being listed on exchanges etc.

    Global Mileage Integration

    Global Mileage IntegrationRINGX Platform helps to change fragmented mileages to permanent personal digital assets based on the block-chain.

    Digital Platform

    Digital PlatformRINGX Platform provides various digital contents and service.

    Block-chain Wallet

    Block-chain WalletRINGX Platform helps to manage and pay with integrated mileages through PC, Mobile and Block-chain IC Card

    Asset Management

    Asset ManagementRINGX Platform helps to send your integrated mileage to your family, friend and others.

    Perfect Security

    Perfect SecurityRINGX Platform provides perfect security with system security of financial management network and block-chain technology.

  • RINGX Platform ECO-System

    internal token, external token internal token, external token

    The total volume of RINGX tokens is 500 million.

    The 30% of total (150 million) will be sold to public. And the 15% of total (75 million) are distributed to Team. We plan to set a lock-up period for one year and gradually release it after 1 year. The 5% of total (25 million) are allocated to Advisor.
    We plan to allocate the 20% of total (100 million) for operating and marketing the platform to cover the cost of operating and marketing the RINGX platform, and listing it on the exchanges.
    The Reserved volume was set to 30% of total (150 million) to cope with unexpected costs, and the Reserved quantity set a lock-up period such as Team.

    Item Amount Rate
    Total Issued Amount 500 million RINGX 100%
    ICO sales 150 million RINGX 30%
    Team 75 million RINGX 15%
    Advisor 25 million RINGX 5%
    Platform Op. & MKT 100 million RINGX 20%
    Reserved 150 million RINGX 30%
    • 0 %
    • 0 %
    • 0 %
    • 0 %
    • 0 %
    total 5억 RINGX
    total 5억 RINGX


    • 아이콘 Partnership

      Make partnership with top contents providers and key players

    • 아이콘 RINGX mileage reward for token holders

      RINGX Mileage will be distributed to token holders to vitalize the token economy

    • 아이콘 IC Card based on block-chain

      Distribute IC Card for crypto-currency that can be used the existed financial management network

    • 아이콘 Listed at exchange

      Listed at domestic and global exchanges consistently

    • 아이콘 Token Swap

      Function to swap RINGX Token and RINGX Mileage



  • RINGX Platform

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